Dear Lord Macaulay, if only you were alive to read this.

I don't blame him. He wrote the truth. Although when I read this for the first time, my skin did crawl and my blood did boil. But when I read it again I realized that Lord Macaulay was simply stating the facts as he saw it. India is rich. Rich in culture, rich in moral values, rich in spirit and spirituality. And I am proud to be an Indian. We are loud, we are colorful. We know how to live life to the fullest. We respect our elders and we respect our guests as if they are God themselves. That's what our culture has taught us. And what it has also taught us is to "Live and let live". I think Lord Macaulay was just a coward, a silly little and over confident old man, who instead of embracing our great culture and learning much from it set forth to destroy it only to be bitten right back in his ass. I feel sorry for you Lord Macaulay. Nay, I just pity you.


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