Ah-2010-chooo !

I call upon this New Year, with sniffles-giggles-some more sniffles, ending with some melodious coughing. Yes I have been bitten by the famous bug of all - the flu bug. I had passed out on New Years eve, thanks to some heavy overdose of medication. (Oh Tylenol I love you so !)

So with the first post this 2010, I bring you my three obsessions for this year:

1. Tomatoes : The heavenly smell when you slice a tomato is so yumm. Lycopene I love you. And the color - Red. Delicious.
2. Richelle Mead : Thanks to you, I have a new best friend while I do some Dhampir style kick-ass martial arts against my flu. Love your books missy. And love Rose Hathaway too.
3. Blue me : My perfectly jeweled blue toes. Love the color. Its going to stay with me this year. (Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue)
I am also in love with my favorite Purple sweater. I will post the picture soon. I will have to dig through my bags (I haven't unpacked yet after my trip back from Minneapolis) Hopefully my flu will fly away, never to come back. Till then, have the greatest 2010 everybody. Au Revoir !!


  1. Congratulations on your first post this year girl!! May all your wishes come true this year and ever :)

  2. Thats a really sweet thing to say. I appreciate it. :-)


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