Argh-u-meant ?

How do you react to "Sorry, I won't apologize" ? I mean, really ? What does that statement even mean ? Talk about confusion and contradiction at the same time.

I bagged a ton of goodies for Christmas this, oops sorry, last year. This led to adjusting my already full closet space to "really full-enough for now" closet space. My delightfully generous Sister in law and her husband (who have the awesomest taste in almost everything) showered me with the awesomest stuff. I am not saying that they literally crushed me under hundreds of gifts. They gave me just the right amount of oh-so-hawt items, that I fell in heart with immediately. Bro in law on his recent trip to India, had the greatest time.  He bought a beautiful golden yellow polka dotted tunic with black bead work that took my breath away. Can't wait to wear it and show off !! And as for the Christmas present, they gifted me with a very chic navy blue and mustard yellow plaid wool coat. I was searching for a plaid coat ever since fall. Couldn't find one, picky and finicky that I am. Thank you Shil and Venks. I also got a beautiful vintage pink stole hand-made by my mum-in-law. She is so talented. You are the best ! I couldn't really dress up in Minneapolis (yup, Minneapolis) because of the snow storm, so we were packed tight in wind breakers and thick jackets most of the time, doing what we do best, tubing and shoveling. Hee hee hee.

You wouldn't believe my luck yesterday. While I was picking up my favorite Mint Milano's and my darling Alba Sea Plus cream, I came across an aisle with Revlon written in white bold type on a red background. I am not a lipstick person, but I couldn't help it. They had lipsticks at 75% discount. I bought a delicious deep red matte shade called 'Wine Not' and its so hawt !! And only for 2 bucks a pop compared to its original price which was eight, I don't even care for the fact that I will not be wearing it often.

I try to get cruelty free, vegetarian products as much as possible. I was searching for a hand cream by Burt's Bees but couldn't find any. That is when I came across a hand cream in Jasmine Ginger by Essence of Beauty. I approve it. Its deliciously awesome.

As for my blog, its a bit slow for now. My laptop crashed. Sad face-pout-waah-waah-waah. Will hopefully get it fixed by next week. More sad face-pout-waah-waah-waah. Without much ado, I will stop my blah blah blah-ing and get back to business i.e. stuffing my face with loads of food.

As for the first statement, who said that ? Well, it was none other than - moi.


  1. Hey DipT..nice to knw abt ur x'mas goodies..njoii while u flaunt it :)
    Btw it is so normal for gurls to buy stuff during 'discounts..esp. 75%' LoL :P which is currently on..and I agree with ur statement "I don't even care for the fact that I will not be wearing it often"..Haha so true!! Well nowadays, I make sure that I ask myself tat q before buying any unimportant stuff, but in vain :( n I know I'm never gona be able to answer it :D ;)


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