My thought bubble says to "Sock it!!"

My thought bubble says to sock it and to sock it good.

Now I can wear pretty heels in winter ! Hooray to the greatest invention ever - THE SOCK !

{Green tank~GAP/White shirt~F21/Black print skirt~gifted courtesy SIL/Green print scarf~local Indian shop/Knee high socks~Target/Strappy black heels~Just Walk, India}

I love the test tube like chandelier filled with plastic herbs and plants dotting the ceiling throughout the entrance  of this casino that we were at this weekend.

I am not great at accessorizing. I have lots of junk and hand-made jewelery that I haven't touched in a long time now. Hopefully I will get to wear them through this blog. This is my favorite piece of minimal jewelery. It has a matching pair of earrings. The color is so beautiful! This was my first ever Christmas present from my sis in law.


  1. Who takes these pics DPT?????

    I have become a fan of your photography !!!

  2. Pictures are taken by me or my husband. Although he is a better click than I am. :-)

  3. all smiles... waise ek baat samajh nai aii.. why ur hair flowing ulta?

  4. Ha ha ha. I was trying not to get my face in the picture.


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