A start. Lets see. Maybe.

I suck at accessorizing. Anyone who knows me will tell you this. I don't wear earrings except for on special occasions or when I am dressing up. I am a tom boy through and through. The only pair of classy time wear I do have was gifted by my guy when we were dating. Its beautiful. But its collecting dust most of the time. I have to literally clean the cob webs when I do decide to wear them. Rummaging through my accessory chest always feels like a treasure hunt.

My mum-in-law has great tastes. And she loves making stuff. She got us a beautiful fringe curtain when she came visiting us. (Well, I asked her to.) She got one more with beads in them that is prettier. But I couldn't get a good picture (light issues). So I put it up between my kitchen and dining area.

Its a pain though keeping it open. Especially when I have to carry the food to the table. So she made this really simple bead thingie, nothing fancy, to keep the curtain in place. So one fine day I used the curtain 'ring' as a bracelet. I personally found it really cool.

Now I am going to make several more of them in different colored beads. Something in turquoise. I would love my arm to look bohemian. Hopefully I will keep this up. I can see my mum's expression already. She had lost all hope with me and my relationship with accessories 20 years ago.


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