Random searching can lead to priceless treasure. I love rings. And rings love me. This is one piece of jewelery that captures my attention deficit mind effortlessly. I came across this wonderful blog called http://glassfiction.blogspot.com/ that showcases the most beautiful and unique rings that I have ever seen. The blog is written by Alice. And she is brilliant. She has her own website where she sells non-metallic rings (she is allergic to metal rings you see) that range from glass, Lucite, resin, plastic, jade, wood, Bakelite and even stone - anything as long as its not metal. You can shop for non-metallic rings here.

Baam ! Baam !

This collection of 'literary jewels' are made by cutting pages out of a book and laminating the sheets together. They are then re-inserted in the original book. The perfect display case.

Isn't the flower-pot ring freaking brilliant ! You can absolutely set the flower according to your mood. Droopy when you are sad, open when you are happy. Its ingenious ! Australian designer Birgit Paula Reiger and Bernd Stelzer created this 'ring-machine' which includes a hidden button that controls the petals and stem, allowing them to blossom or droop as a real flower would.


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