Shopping handicap. Need help.

Its tough shopping in USofA, especially if you are used to shopping in India most of your life. USofA makes the shopping experience easier, which is actually a bummer. It is less of a challenge. The casual stuff is good, no doubt about it, but what I always miss out on is color. What I love about USofA is the availability of all stuff cool and casual. And there are more options for me being a tom boy in regular stores than for most people who really love to dress up. The most beautiful clothes that I have come across here are with designer brands. And they are super expensive. Not something I can afford right now. It must be because I don't have a friend who is a local, who can direct me to the right shop for the right stuff. Must be because of my ignorance being new here (only one year old). But my shopping experience has been mediocre here. I love the stuff I see online though. And I am gradually learning. Hopefully I will get used to shopping in this country.

Shopping in India is an awesome experience. Every shop you enter in India is a burst of color. Ten shades of every color. And the appliqué work is astounding to say the least. They use everything from sequins to needle work to beads on every material possible. And they do it on a lavish scale. Most of the clothes that I own are stitched by my tailor. Me or my mum buy a material with a particular design or color or work and get it stitched the way we want. I always prefer doing this to buying ready-made clothes. I avoided getting these clothes out from my bags thinking that I am better off in jeans here. But this blog is a great way for me to showcase clothes that I really love. Its pretty cold now, so it will be a bit tough wearing these clothes. And I am sure I am behind the times (as i said one year old) when it comes to Punjabi suits and Sarees. But I would rather start wearing them than let them sit in the corner gathering dust.

Boo to shopping handicaps. And "hear hear" to better shopping experiences in the future !


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