Hair'or stories.

I miss my long locks. Sometimes. Yeah. Sometimes. Especially if I want to look cat-like sexy. I was going through my earlier pictures and realized that I had real lovely hair. What an idiot I have been to get my hair chopped. But short hair has its perks (I try to convince myself, not working though). I can wash it ever so often, it dries quickly, more manageable and lesser tangles and knots and what-nots. Sigh. What's done is done. All I can do is stare at my hair and will it to grow twice as fast. If only it were that easy.

One more year and hopefully my keratin production is still awesome enough to provide me with this same end result. Hmmmm. I see no way out. I may have to go with my mother's trusted formula of twice a week coconut oil scalp massage. If only it didn't have that god awful smell.


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