Pizza to Die/Kill for - 1 (First of the many series to come)

Okay. Everybody knows that I love Pizza. It should be garlicky. And it should be real cheesy. There are a couple of Pizza places (yes I respect Pizza, hence the capital 'P') that I absolutely love. And the hunt is on for more. I avoid the franchise. They really suck with their electric ovens. They suck with their cloned Pizza taste. They suck. Period. This post is about one of my many favorite Pizza making heaven.

The name - John's Pizzeria. Yes. The John's Pizzeria. Location - NYC.


The garlic bread with cheese was perfect. Just the way I like them. Garlicky and cheesy. The wings according to my friends and hubs was not something they would brag about. But their chicken Pizza was gone as soon as it arrived. I love spinach and mushrooms on my Pizza. Sigh. If I had it my way. I mean really my way, I would have stocked up for the whole winter. Hibernate like a bear. Wolfing down enormous slices of gooey goodness. Singing sweet melodies with rapture in my heart.

Now imagine eating this delicious piece of morsel in a restaurant which was formerly a church and has the most beautiful dome, balcony, murals and red brick walls.

Epic, I tell you. Epic.


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