A very late Valentine Day post

I had an idea about creating this 'amazing' valentine day post with .GIF images and a collage of my favorite people, family and friends, who helped me become what I am now and hopefully vice-a-versa. But I never came around doing it. Why ? Number one excuse - I forgot about it. Number second excuse - I couldn't get all the pictures I had in mind. Number three - I wasn't inspired. Sorry, its true. I just wasn't.

But then I always feel that whatever happens, happens for the best. So I am glad that all those excuses did happen. (Cue laughter). Because I have a lot of people to wish and thank. Every one of these people have played an important part in my life. Like the people that have pushed and pried themselves into my life and bugged me non-stop with an effort to take good care of me and steer me in the 'right' direction and changed me and my world completely. Also the people who come into my life in a pop-up window with a sweet 'kit karta?' or 'hie' or 'dee'. Strangers too have played an important part in this conspiracy and inspired me in ways myriad and unimaginable. I owe all these guys a big one. Every second that you guys spend thinking/talking about/with me, good or bad, means a hell lot more than anything in this freakishly astounding beautiful ginormous world. Hence, I wish you guys (even if we have had a fall-out) with all the love I can squeeze out from my little itty-bitty heart ~ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !

The most cutest thing happened on Valentines Day. My dad said 'I love you' to my mom after 25 years. You know what I mean. Actually saying it. And she reciprocated by making his favorite fish dishes. Prawns theeyal (prawns cooked in a blended mixture of fried coconut, red chillies and coriander seeds), Surma (king fish) curry and Pompret fry. Talk about lucky buggers in love. Sigh ! Love you mum. Love you dad.


  1. Awww! Thank u sweety :) Ur parents saying "I love you" after 25 yrs is sooo cute. God bless them

  2. Tooo gooood... wat a thought !! nice pic !!


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