Happy Friday everyone!

It's Friday! Hooray! That means we will be sleeping in till late tomorrow!

It was predicted by our ever accurate weather bureau that it would snow today. It did not. In the cute little town that I live in, for some strange reason, extreme weather is deflected to take a different course. Our little town is surrounded with an invisible force field (proof that I am dork-ish). And because it is invisible we can still see that the sky is dull and gloomy and not a conducive climate to walk, jog or bike in. So I sit at home comfortable in Kamikazi's shirt, listening to my playlist and reading Tami Hoag's Deeper than the Dead. Talk about multi-tasking. I deserve an award.

I am a sucker for murder mysteries. And what is better than a murder mystery? A murder mystery set in 1985. Where women had huge hair and men wore mustaches. While I write this post I have downed two cups of coffee, finished half the book and eaten one of the two sandwich I made. I prefer sandwiches made by my guy than eat one made by myself. But he is at work and I was really hungry. Surprisingly it came out well.

Picture time!

Yes, that is a Subway coupon that I am using as a book mark. And yes, that is my yellow M&M's coffee mug. What kind of a NYC tourist are you if you don't stop over at M&M's and buy a mug! I think its adorable, don't you? (Hubs has a red one.) The book is a compelling read. I am sure I will finish it tonight. Sandwich has cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, mint chutney and pepper-jack cheese slice in it. Toasted! 

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. ooh that sandwich looks good!!
    i've been to NYC so many times, but never had made it into the M&Ms store...though i am such a major chocolate lover!
    xoxo alison

  2. Love NY but never went to M&Ms stores:(
    By the way the sandwich looks very yummy:)


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