Like wet seals eating paneer.

Loads of stuff happened this weekend. Daylight saving, rain, trip to Billerica, rain, a monstrous zit, rain, St Patrick's pre-day weekend(!!??), rain. You get the picture. Anyways the day wasn't that great to dress up or even comb your hair for that matter. Kohl and lip balm sufficed and needless to say I was jumping around town like a hobo or a lazy bum (which is something that hubs likes to call me with a fond expression on his face. I wonder why ? Hmmm.) So a basic outfit was what I wore with big frizzy hair.

My big frizzy hair :(
{Shirt~American Eagle/Random skinnies/Izod jacket/Skechers/Saddle bag~Target}

What do you do on a particularly dull and wet day. Stay indoors, right ? We stayed indoors all right. We drove all the way to Billerica which is about an hour and a half away and stayed indoors at our friends place. Bought some take out from the Cheesecake factory. A humongous chunk of fudge and carrot cake plus a dulce de leche cheesecake. Drank chai and coffee till the wee hours of the morning (three thirty now compared to two thirty yesterday, say what ?) We were in a perpetual psychedelic sugar high and laughed like mad at the crazy antics of Tula's father in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and George Carlin's legendary stand-up act.

Its a pain in the butt when there are four people travelling in a coupe on a rainy day. One door slam and a wet run later we learnt our lesson. We will be driving around that general area in Bee's SUV now onwards. Let the coupe look sexy parked in Bee's drive-way. I can hear hubs growl. Sigh !

Needless to say, we ate a lot of food. This is something I cooked up on Friday night for dinner. A something something I tried. Generally I use the cooking range to cook this dish, but then I end up using lots of oil and spice in it. Paneer in itself is very rich. Plus I didn't have any skewers with me to make paneer kababs. So I turned it into this oven friendly dish. Paneer is a type of fresh cheese, unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or other fruit acid (yay Wiki!!). Tofu can be used as a non-dairy substitute.

Beat yogurt in a bowl. Add any BBQ spice that you like. Being a Shan fan that I am, I use their BBQ mix. You get them at any Indian grocery store. I add a little less than half of the packet and also mix in some chopped cilantro. I take a marinating brush and coat the base of the glass dish that I am going to use to make this dish with the yogurt mix. The next layer is that of long thin sliced onions and then some more blob of the yogurt mix. The next layer is that of long finger sized pieces of paneer generously soaked in the yogurt mixture. Top this with long sliced green peppers. You can use the different colored peppers for a more colorful look. More blob on top. Ta-da !

Pop it in the oven pre-heated at 350 and leave it in there to cook for about 30 mins. When you pull it out it should look like this.

I fried some green beans with long slitted green chillies in oil as an accompaniment. Transferred paneer to a smaller dish. Served with hot flat bread. Nom nom nom.


  1. I like your frizzy hair, and that outfit looks really comfy and cool! drooling over the food, it looks delicious!

  2. Wow despite the rain issue
    It seems like you had so much fun! Carrot cake chi and Coffee wow!
    Was I with you by any chance hahaha!
    I love doing this we call it our “Girls Night In” hahahah I
    Have a blast every time I do it lol!
    And your hair looks fin I love frizzy hair
    My hair is to flat and it looks like it has no life I need frizz ahhaha!
    Sweet blog♥

  3. mmmmmmm yummy photos! you're trying to kill my will power, aren't you? ;)

    those skechers look SO comfortable. and i am so loving that saddle bag - perfect color!

  4. @ miha - i had such a tough time keeping them in place, thats why i have those sunnies perched on my head like a hair band. you don't need sunnies on a dull, gloomy and wet day! ha ha! thanks for the positive comment. i really appreciate it.

  5. @ diana - i am so glad you liked my blog. i had fun alright! i didn't realize it until you mentioned it. i think because it was a weekend and my guy was actually free, we stepped out of the apartment. :)

  6. @chai am woman - ha ha ha. i am so flattered that you find the food pictures yummy enough to kill your will-power. the bag and the shoes are my 'to-go don't think about it' items. glad you liked em'. :)

  7. Your hair is totally not frizzy at all!!! You look adorable!


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