Aloo Dahi-waley

Kind of a tongue-twister, ain't it? It simply means potatoes in yogurt. 'That's it?', you ask. 'That's it', I say with some conviction.

I have to warn you that this is a tangy dish. If you don't have a taste for anything tangy, well you are missing out on something real yumm yumm. Anyways onto the recipe. You will need, two chopped green chili (I love my chili), chopped ginger, cumin seeds, asafoetida powder, dried mango powder, turmeric powder, beaten (and badly bruised) yogurt and a trusty can of small and whole potatoes. Cooking time 10-15 minutes.

{Fry chopped chili, ginger, asafoetida and cumin seeds in oil/Add yogurt/Put the potatoes and let it fry for some time/Do not fret if the yogurt magically disappears and something watery takes its place, its quite normal/Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric and dried mango powder on top/Flatten the potatoes, do not mash them, they should be chunky/Add salt to taste/Mix mix mix!}

I am sorry about the cooking pictures in orange light. I have no choice but take them under the orange stove top light as there is no other source of light in that particular area. The problem lies in the fact that my kitchen is in the middle of the apartment away from any window. So no natural and flattering light. I promise you I will bottle some of them natural light (or use reflecting mirrors all the way from the windows to the kitchen) for my future cooking projects. Wish me luck!

P.S.: I didn't mean to make my kitchen sound like a dungeon. Its not!


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