Among Geese

{Tank~Weekenders/Shirt(belongs to my hubs)~Fab India/Random skinnies/Cork wedges~Target/Belt~Van Heusen}

Goosed and gandered around a flock of cute butted chicks.

Once when Kamikazi wore this shirt, someone called him an anaconda (WTH??!!) and I knew in my (gourmet pizza deprived) gut that I had to wear this shirt! Its cotton, so it didn't exactly fall and fit the way I hoped it would but I didn't care. I absolutely love the color!

There is a good reason for the sullen expression in the pictures. Kamikazi found a better muse in those (please insert expletive) webbed feet critters and completely ignored me. And I don't like to be ignored. I don't like to be ignored at all. So I padded all the way in my wedges from concrete on to the grass to give him 'the look'. It was only when I twisted my ankle and plopped myself right next to the (please insert expletive again) birds that he decided to include me in the pictures. He was totally oblivious to my often-practiced-in-front-of-the-mirror-indignant look. I think I need a little more practice.


  1. I can barely contain myself when I find a fellow Indian style blogger!

    Cheers! Much admiration all the way from India :)

  2. Love your pictures! They are shouting SPRING! You are looking great and the Green is wonderful too :)

  3. cute!
    love the upclose look at the geese and the print on your top
    love your blog, great inspiration!
    thanks for sharing, love it


  4. Great top! I love the color on you!

  5. Totally loving the pictures :-)I love the blue shades in your dress :-) and the shoes as well :-)

  6. great pictures. loving the men's shirt, I love wearing them too :)

  7. haha you're adorable and hilarious. :) i love your shoes with a passion and those jeans fit you perfectly!
    i got yelled at for chasing geese once at a state park; apparently i was "disrupting wildlife" :P

  8. The shirt is beautiful. Wish I had one like this, it would get worn almost every other day this summer.

  9. love it. I love bloggers who put so much time and effort in the intricacy of their pictures. Pictures are SOOOO important when it comes to street style blogs - or just about any blogs.

  10. You're hilarious and sooo cute! I love that shirt on you.

  11. very cute outfit, we have geese everywhere here too, i chase them as well lol

  12. Haha, what a fun photo shoot! x

  13. haha, i love geese, these are so cute:):)

    and of course, i'd love to be a muse;)

    xx raez

  14. Love this top! And great shoes :) I think I have the same pair.

  15. Love your outfits :) I followed you coz I am gonna get those recipes and me too may be??


  16. Love the shirt, so pretty color on you! You are pretty too :)

  17. Aww thanks so much you guys. Thanks for the lovely comments and follow.

    Ha ha @ Jen

    I bought these shoes after I saw them on you @ Kendi

    Love! @ Raez


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