Fenugreek is my most favorite type of greens. It also makes my favorite type of main course. This dish is one of those things that brings back fond memories. Memories of my mother. Memories of her cooking smells. Her beautiful smile. Her telling me that I am a brat and should be placed under house arrest. Sigh. How I miss her angry ways. Anyways. I digress. This is actually a recipe post about my favorite dish called 'Aloo Methi' which literally means Potato and Fenugreek. Very simple. Very delicious.

Fry a huge red onion, finely sliced, in one tbsp olive oil. The bigger the onion, the better. Fenugreek is very bitter (think bitter gourd bitter), so the onions and the potatoes balance out the flavor. Fry fry fry away!

When translucent, add cubed potatoes (I used the yukon gold, you can use russet if you want) and two slit chillies. Mix mix mix. Cover. Let it cook for ten minutes. 

Add Fenugreek leaves (I used the frozen ones). Cover. Leave it alone for ten more minutes.
{Isn't the color gorgeous!}

After ten minutes the leaves will separate completely. Mix properly. Cover. Let it cook for fifteen more minutes, stirring occasionally so as not to let it stick to the pan.  The thing with fenugreek leaves is that they need to be cooked properly or ingestion will cause massive tummy pain. So please cook properly. You will, won't you? In the mean time eat a provolone cheese sandwich.

Ta-da! Finito!

Serve it with your choice of bread. Enjoy! Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. looks very yummy! I really like your banner photo



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