Hello Boston

Boston had the most hideous and fluctuating weather this weekend. It was predicted that there would be few showers here and there. But to my annoyance it poured everywhere!

{color block tee~AE/thrifted black skinnies/Blazer~CK/Belt~Guess/Sneakers~Puma/Saddle bag~Target}

We had some great cappuccino and Tiramisu at our favorite pastry place. Perfect on this cold day.

And went about on a clicking frenzy.

It was a pretty sight, and Boston was appreciated even more when we were warm, comfortable and indoors.

Now you must be thinking, who in their right minds would go to Boston on a rainy day? Nay nay, you forget about the fact that there were hundreds of good looking and shapely marathonians all over the place. Plus our friend is here for a couple of weeks and she insisted she wanted to see Boston sunny or not! Our hands were tied, we were dumped in the back of the trunk of our own car (kidnapped I tell you!) and we were mere puppets at her merciless demands of sight seeing.

In other news, my twitter widget and contact form were a pain in the ass (read : not working) for sometime now and its finally fixed. So all you pretty people out there do send me a message, contact me, follow me or just drop me a howdy doodle. I would like that. I would like that very much.


  1. Oh! I hope Boston has nice weather this weekend. I am going there with some hope! :( Was is cold too?

  2. @Tanvi ~ Yup, it was cold, especially after the showers when some part of you gets wet. :(

  3. Mike's Pastrys! I used to go there so often. I once ate a giant Lobster (cream filled giant pastry thing) and was so ill... but it was so delicious.

  4. hjey good pictures....but nothing can beat mumbai ki barsaat...also i like the new layout of your blog :) cheers...

  5. Hmmm! Well I will try and make the most of it. Your pictures look great though :)

  6. Aww, great photos! I've never had tiramisu, but I'm going to have to try it! It looks so delicious!

  7. Great outfit. Delicious looking tiramisu. Coffee. marathon monday festivities. Eff the weather. Looks like a good time to me.


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