Saturday was a beautiful tragic day. Everything was perfect until the smallest of the smallest glitch royally screwed the well scripted plan. The battery of the camera died. So me and Kamikazi exchanged few choice words till we got really hungry and ate at the most amazing hole in the wall Mediterranean place that we couldn't document. Oh yes, and later we had a huge cone of ice cream which we couldn't document either. So all in all it was a perfect day which we couldn't document. Luckily Kamikazi had clicked some pictures of me before the camera's juice ran out.

{Top and Shorts~GAP/Sneakers~Puma/Sunglasses~F21}

I later realized that the military look is big this season. So it worked out (almost) fine. It is the first time that I actually wore something true to the season. Most of the time what I wear doesn't concern continents, climate or seasons.

Later in the evening we got back home to watch Ninja Assassins (kick-ass! loved all that blood and gore!), took a break to watch SNL (that Justin Bieber is so freaking charming!), finished watching Ninja Assassins (ooooh more blood spraying!) and then snored galore.


  1. love the colour scheme of your outfit!

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  2. i love the theme you've got for the blog :]

    xx Christine


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