Pizza to Die/Kill for - 2

The second in the Pizza to Die/Kill for series. To see the first in this series click here.

The name : Arizona Pizza. Location - Lee, MA.

We had a late lunch at Arizona Pizza after some over the top shopping. This place is a huge converted colonial house, porch and all, with dark wooden interiors and huge windows. I loved the feel of the restaurant immediately. They have a fully stocked bar plus little tellys on every table (I love them little telly on every table!).

These guys make the most scrumptious wood fire pizzas that I have ever munched on. Drinks and cheese bread as appetizers later, Kamikazi ordered the Hot wings pizza. And if that was not 'hot' enough, he dumped a whole load of chili flakes on them.  He thought it could have been a 'little' bit more spicier. I bet he is going to have a wee bit of a problem later, if you know what I mean. I ordered the Greek pizza - it had my favorite pesto, sundried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese on it. We finished the meal with a raspberry cheesecake. The cheesecake was nothing to brag about. It was kinda (factory-made material) okay.

What I wore on Friday
Excuse the tummy showing in the second picture. Thats from eating all that yummy food!
{Sunset color with black bead work, polka dotted satin dress~Gift from Brother in law/United Colors of Benetton black skirt}

All in all Friday was amazing. We spent our day driving around with our sun-roof up and windows down, hair flying in the breeze (with ten bags of new stuff in the trunk). Can't wait to show you guys all the new stuff!

Loads of love!


  1. Love this look and your blog!!!!!!!!

  2. You've been given an award ! Stop by and pick it up!!!

  3. awesome dress! so sunny and gorgeous on you!

  4. girl, you are hilarious with your fashion + pizza love blog. Way to rock a bob and bright colors!
    melina bee

  5. Yum! That pizza looks FANTASTIC!

  6. I was just browsing your blog again and had to stop and say-- THAT PIZZA.

    Oh my god. My stomach is literally growling from just looking at those pictures.


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