Asymmetrical hemmed tanks and ice-cream cheer me up without fail on a dehydrating day. The humidity made my hair frizz beyond belief hence the bun bun. The chain, worn cross-body style, is hand-made by me and was worn in an earlier post as an anklet. A pair of comfortable jeans and heels is every girls dream and needless to say I have both.

Every blogger has a favorite spot where they can take their pictures without any distractions or gawking creepy strangers. Because we travel most weekends we take pictures in scenic locales in that area. Near where we live there is this road which is our favorite go-to place for our clicking sprees. Here I twirl, skip, hop, jump, walk, pose, pout and can generally be shameless.

The day was spent eating ice creams, running errands and giving a bath to our baby. Before you guys get any weird ideas let me clear the above statement by saying that 'our baby' is our car which we love absolutely unconditionally. So now that that is cleared, lets get to business and look at some pictures.

{Old navy tank/CK boyfriend jeans/Target heels/Liz Claiborne aviator/Random brand bag from Burlington/handmade chain}
Pollen filled up the crack in the road. Looked like clouds in a gorge. Beautiful.


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