Camera died on us again. Here are some pictures (four out of ten) that were taken before the tragedy happened. Kamikazi looked at me with hateful eyes and pronounced me a widow. I had to beg for forgiveness and resurrection of my love (aka the camera) and the God of finance and bank account bought an extra battery. I promised myself that I will remember charging the battery in the near future - which is today.

I love Kamikazi's work related trips. I get to tag along with him, check in to a nice plush hotel, relax in the tub, watch re-runs of SVU and House and most importantly not cook, while he slogs away in his meetings (I know for a fact that he does not slog at these so called meetings, he enjoys his work. Its just a nice twisted way to make me feel better. F.Y.I.~ I have a heart of polished white marble). After his meeting we drove to Boston commons and loitered around, breathed in the gorgeous smell of fresh cut lawns and spring blossoms, saw three different weddings being photographed and enjoyed observing an eclectic mix of people and culture of different ages and ethnicity. Later we walked through Newbury street and shopped till we were limping like a pirate with a bum leg (I would so love to own a parrot) and had a nice relaxed Thai dinner later.

{Cardigan~Marshalls/White top~eyelet skirt from Hollister also worn here/Thrift-ed skinnies/Evil eye white and silver flats from India also worn here}

What better way to wear a skirt than to turn it into a sweet strapless top! The first time I tried this was with my black skirt. To see how I styled my long printed black skirt into a dress click here. I loved how it looked and I knew I would do it again!


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