Got my hair cut in layers last weekend, was totally bored of the bob (now I have that tacky, morbid and horrifying Bob discount furniture jingle stuck in my head. Somebody please kill me!). I desperately needed a change in the hair front and was quite satisfied with the result. Found the tee at H&M and got three of them in different colors. They are so light weight and comfy especially when you need breathable fabrics these hot summer months. I was scared of wearing this bland neutral color thinking that I could not ever, in my life-time pull this color off. Gave it a shot anyways. Opinions ?

{H&M tee/Gap denim skirt/Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles/80's off-white soft pleather clutch~La Chatte Bottee Vintage from Etsy/Thrift-ed necklace}

We are going to Washington DC this weekend. So I have a butt load of packing to do and itinerary to prepare. What are your Memorial day weekend plans ? Whatever your plans, have a good one!

Loads of love!


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