A Peach

{Weekenders gray tank/F21 white shirt/F21 Ring/Skirt~Akriti by Rocky S/Cork Wedges~Target}

Whenever I was asked where I got this skirt from, I wrongly said that I got it from a random store in India. I made it a point to look at the tag of this skirt and found out that this skirt is from a pret collection by the Indian designer Rocky S. I confused this skirt with my other Gypsy Skirt which is in actuality a random brand. Thats just who I am. I am not a brand person at all. If I like something I go ahead and buy it. And this skirt has been with me for over 2 years now and I had no idea what the tag said. Thank you blog. Thank you my friends. If it hadn't been for you I would have never found out!

Some random pictures I took on our girls day out:

Lucky the rabbit whose gender we do not know, hence the non-gender specific name.

And last but not the least, my photographer for the day ~ Kavya! Ain't she the prettiest? She is a sweetheart too!

Have a great weekend you guys! See you next week! :)

In answer to the anonymous comment, I think Rocky S created this collection for Pantaloons.


  1. U look lovely darling! What a day it was! Can't wait to visit those gardens again :) I want to bring that cute Rabbit home ;D

  2. Good you are back! I was missing you ;) Where's the food? Haha! ... Amazing shots of the garden! Ahh! How fun are girls days/nights out. Very pretty color of your skirt too! :) ...

    P.S. You changed your blog background! It's refreshing ... but I really liked the last one A LOT :)

  3. Ha ha Tanvi, we should start corresponding in mail. You seem like one of my long lost friends!
    Thank you for missing me. :P
    I am so happy that you noticed the 'two outfit-one food' post cycle. Next post is the food post. Promise!
    The last background was my favorite too! The only problem was the horizontal pictures couldn't be uploaded at its largest size and the details were lost. This template solved that problem! Thanks for the lovely comment sweet girl!

  4. Actually love the new look a lot - and the skirt is very pretty. Was just thinking that it looks awesome and wondering if I could get something similar here but alas - you'd have to go back to the motherland to get it :(

    Great shots!

  5. hey so finally are you wearing a Rocky S skirt or a random gypsy skirt..
    i doubt whether this is a Rocky S skirt coz i have neva seen it instore..
    i hope you remember that i work with Rocky S.:) lol...
    btw i love reading your blogs..usually i use to hate reading blogs but your blogs are interesting..
    keep blogging hahaha..

  6. Pretty skirt, and I love your nature photography, really pretty lighting.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  7. You look so awesome:) so fresh and fashionable, I'm amazed how photogenic you are.

    I love the new layout so much.
    I hope you have a lovely Sunday

    Lots of hugs

  8. love it, so perfect



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