Wind and Blur

{Calvin Klein Blazer/Random skinnies/AE black tee/Random blue striped racer back tank/Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles}

So cold. So windy. So blurry. So ghostlike. This is my go-to outfit. My uniform. Dark blue or black tee/tank, skinnies and blazer. Only the shoes change. I don't have to put too much thought to it. And I am never short of blacks and blues in my wardrobe.

I have always had a bad relationship with Red. He doesn't like to stay with me for long. He is my favorite color ever and as luck would have it, I can never seem to keep it or get it or buy it or own it or have it forever. I am jinxed. Can any of you guys help me break the jinx?


  1. I like the second picture of yours :) Looks like you are flying :) Pretty shoes too

  2. ohh! my.god! looks so cold! Really cold! Poor you ... but that gives the pictures an artistic touch ;) ... Hmmm what exactly in red are you looking for?

  3. hi,
    we love your blog too. You seem to blend our culture beautifully. Lovely pictures :)

  4. Beautiful blog! I totally feel you on the wind... I don't know what the deal is!! My hair has had a mind of it's own these past days. By the time I make it to my office I look like a have a huge birds nest for a head.

    Happy Friday Love!

  5. i love the outfit and fab pics x

  6. love it, so perfect

  7. The outfit looks beautiful and I can see that its cold:)
    Have a great weekend and you have such a beautiful blog!

  8. Those are great shoes; cute cute!


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