Dee Cee Two

{What I wore : Denim dress-Target/Sneakers-Nike/Chain worn as bracelet-handmade by me/Liz Clairborne aviators/Random brand over-sized bag}

What I learned on our second day in Dee Cee :
1. Space is awesome and so is the Sputnik, I so wanted to get it home (even though it was a replica) and hang it in the middle of the living room ceiling. Maybe tweak it a little bit, so that it becomes a disco ball on a party night. (Que to clap and exclaim 'What a brilliant idea Deepti!!')
2. The Rolling Thunder parade was awesome. The rumbling of the bikes made my heart fly!
3. A short denim dress is a best denim-y thing to wear on a hot Sunday afternoon, very well ventilated and all. Plus that Nike's are a best bet when you are walking around the Smithsonian even if it doesn't go with the outfit.
4. Even if the restaurant is 'HIP' and has the best Mexicana fare in the whole of Dee Cee, its not a good idea to eat there, especially when you are out all day and are planning to walk and walk and walk and walk (wished and wished that we had a Segway). We deserved much needed carbs from something called as unhealthy foods!! Lesson learnt - Amazing food, but better left for a nice 'lets dress up and look civilized' dinner date.
5. You need a whole 12 hours to go through The Smithsonian Natural History Museum.
6. The rarest of the rare blue diamonds in the whole world (both of them) are from India. Makes me wonder how many more are out there in my country. Will have to visit it soon and start digging.
7. Contrary to my popular belief and oath to stay away from jewelery I was mesmerized by the gem stone section of the museum. My jaw dropped and I drooled like a crazy mad woman every-time I laid eyes on them sparkling stones which called my name seductively. I know, I know that sounds a bit too melodramatic, but its the truth people! The gems were speaking to me! My ever loving husband appropriately looked the other way whenever I pointed to a stone I wanted. I love him so much that I wanted to kill him!
8. I love colors !! As if I needed any affirmation on that.
9. Company matters!
10. Its always a great idea to miss the concert at Capitol, return to the room, take a cold shower, prop your swollen painful legs on pillows and order pizza in. It is also a great idea to watch the concert on the flat screen telly that our generous hotel provided. Way to end the day, eh? Whenever you guys do visit Dee Cee, please do try Angelico's pizzas. Location is at Alexandria, Virginia. They are mind-blowing!

Part three is coming up people. Sadly its not over. Yet.


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