This post was long overdue. Three days back to be exact. We went white water kayaking last weekend and it was beautiful. I have a thing for sports. The rush of warm-up exercises, five laps around the stadiums and courts, practicing strokes and then the competition. I don't really like gyms. They bore me to death. Being in tune with nature and practiced strokes with the paddles on the water which is of the perfect temperature is a different thing altogether. Deep calming breaths of oxygenated air and the high when you go down rapids feel unbelievably delicious. Splashes of cool fresh water can do a whole lot of good and that led to me and Kamikazi  to have a common ground when it comes to sports. He has his cricket which I can't do much with but cheer him on, and I have my badminton which I wouldn't play against him because of his large arm span, so kayaking is our compromise. And what a sweet compromise it is.

We couldn't really take our kayaking pictures; firstly because we don't own waterproof cameras, second I am shy about my pictures being taken in swimsuits and three we were enjoying way too much. We did take some yummy food pictures which we so deserved after all that work out. Our itinerary was something like this. We had chai latte (extra hot) and hot panini from Starbucks, got suited up and did some practice laps around a lake, had a sammich and wrap lunch at this old style country deli called Millie's (simple and yummy, the way I like it) went down to the Farmington river, kayaked, drove back to Summertown Ice cream place and slurped the yummiest ice-cream (I had the strawberry cheesecake, it had chunks of cheesecake in it!), walked to Mrs. Murphy to get chocolate donuts and apple squares. Mrs. Murphy's is Kamikazi's favorite donut place in the whole world. And I will tell you why. They were out of chocolate donuts, so they poured melted chocolate over plain donuts for us. Can you hear those bells ringing in the background with the chorus of chocolate angels ? That's exactly what we heard. For dinner we ordered pizza in from a local small Italian pastry shop and eatery. More about that later, we were too tired to take pictures. We love their Tiramisu. They are heavenly.

A amazingly satisfying weekend. Sunday was spent nursing our many wounds. Or more specifically our aching forearms.

P.S.: The best part is, I don't know how to swim.


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