Vested interests

{Thrift-ed skinnies/AE top/Random brand cardigan vest/Target heels}

My laptop crashed about a month back. Me and Kamikazi shared his laptop for a while, before his laptop took its last breath too. Luckily my laptop's hard disk was still under its warranty period and we got a new one free of charge and Kamikazi got a soldering iron and got his laptop fixed. He is a hero, my husband. Nimble fingers and very enterprising. And it seems that his laptop is a cat. Nine lives and all. Meow.

These pictures were taken last week and were waiting to be posted. So here it is. Hope you like em'. And a heartfelt sorry to you guys for the late post. Sorry to keep you waiting. Please keep the faith people. As you have till now. In me. Okay. No more yawn worthy statements. Love, Peace and Harmonica. Ha ha!

P.S.: I am sorry if you guys are having trouble commenting on my post. Disqus is going through some bug problem and I am told it will be resolved soon. So do visit again and say nice things to me, about me. You get the drift. Thanks!


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