Block Island

{Tommy Hilfiger shorts/F21 white shirt/JC Penny black one piece swimsuit/Old Navy flip-flops/Handmade Swarovski bracelet}

Block Island is beautiful. The beaches are beautiful and pristine and the sands are golden. I mean really golden. Shiny. Sparkly. Gorgeousness. We left our home at 9 am, caught the 11:30 ferry and docked at about 1 pm, rented a moped, drove around the whole island, para-sailed at 800 feet and swam in the blue blue water. A mini vacation. We likey. 

Now I am going to talk about my feelings. I had a feeling. A feeling for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of the whole world to myself. In slow-mo. Hand in hand with the love of my life with the wind in my hair, suspended in mid-air. Eight hundred feet off the ground in the middle of the ocean. Bliss, thats what I felt. Beautiful beautiful bliss.

Overheard on the ferry back while enjoying the sunset.
A very drunk girl : Oh sun, don't go! Please come back! Where are you going sun?
A very drunk guy: New Mexico.


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