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I would like to introduce a beautiful fellow blogger who I absolutely and completely adore - Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of the Not-So-Rich and Famous. She is the perfect candidate for my first ever feature where I put a blogger under the spotlight and ask seemingly pertinent questions that need to be answered. I fell in love with her fearless style (she is a dare-devil) and no-holds-barred attitude in her writing. She is one of the very few close friends I have in the blogging world and every new conversation is full of surprises. Here she is folks! Lets hear it for Tanvi!
Diptea - What made you decide to start your wonderful blog?
Tanvi - You know just another house-wife with spare time to kill and many stories to share. My husband and brother had been nudging me to start writing. They meant a book, but I started with a blog. Baby steps!
Diptea - What is your inspiration behind the outfits you put together?
Tanvi - Well, I really like to dress differently everyday. I can’t say if there is an inspiration but I like to mix and match and try different looks. Since I am ├╝ber organized I can just stand in front of all my clothes and make different combinations instantly. 
Diptea - What are your hobbies/interests?
Tanvi - Ooohhhhh! Too many. Basically, I have an attention span on a 2 year old. So I keep trying new things but I really enjoy reading fiction, watching movies and cooking. All three have been constant throughout the past years.

Diptea - What is your fashion philosophy?
Tanvi - Hmmm! I didn’t have one right until now. But if I had to say, it would be - Classic, comfortable and  chic. I do not believe in following trends [blindly!]. Simpler the look, long lasting it will be. I really do not want to look at my current pictures ten years later and wonder “What was I thinking!?”

Diptea - You own gorgeous pieces from all over the world. If there was one place you wanted to pick in context of great shopping experience, which place would that be?
Tanvi - It would have to be London, U.K. hands down! It is really expensive to shop in Sterling Pounds but they do make some awesome clothing. Also, probably since I have explored that city on my own, I know the hidden-alley-shops to go to. Also the high street fashion scene is never-dull there.

Diptea - Your current favorite blogs?
Tanvi - There are so many. I think I am following at least a hundred blogs right now. But honestly, no blog is 100% perfect, it’s the posts that click with me more on one day than the other. Does that make sense?
Diptea - What do you love most about living in Texas?
Tanvi - I love the weather. Yeah. Yeah. I know I complain about the heat a lot, but it is so much better than the windy-cold-rainy-weather everywhere else. I like what we’ve got here. Plus the food is amazing and the people are really friendly. Also the things we get here are much cheaper than the rest of the U.S. Don’t believe me? Come. Visit.
Diptea - You are fabulously fit. What’s your secret?
Tanvi - I work out at least four times a week. I eat several small meals throughout the day rather than three big ones. Breakfast is my most lavish meal of the day. And I do not eat past 7pm on weekdays.

Diptea - How, if at all, has having a blog affected your personal style?
Tanvi - It has affected my personal style a lot. I have started dressing up more often. Earlier I would just walk out in my jeans and tee while running errands and doing grocery. However, now I make an extra effort even to go throw the garbage out [haha!]. Well, ‘coz I have an incentive - Pictures! Also, observing other blogger’s style gives me a pretty good idea about what to do and what not-to-do *wink*.

Diptea - Any advice for new bloggers?
Tanvi - Advice! From me? Well, I am not an advice-giving-sorts. I let people make their own mistakes and learn. But since you ask, I would say everyone should ‘be themselves’. Blogging, in my opinion, is about personal expression. Like eyes are the window to your soul, your blog is the window to your personality! 
P.S. Blogs should not have too many widgets and should be pleasing to the eyes. Else it is really hard to read and that demotivates me to go back.

Visit Tanvi's lovely blog The Fabulous Life of the Not-So-Rich and Famous.


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