{Dress~Alfani also worn here/Shoes-random store in India/Chic camera bag~Lowpro}

Things you have got to do on the 4th of July.....
1. Visit a place with any form of water body (example Lake George).
2. Pack a picnic basket with stuff you will eat and a cooler with stuff that you will drink. Plus you will also need a large blankie to sleep/sit/act silly on.
3. Find a suitable parking spot. If you are lucky you will find one right on the main street of Lake George village opposite to the best Mediterranean place in this whole wide world called Aladdin Express.
4. Eat the 'best falafal in the world' from Aladdin Express for lunch.
5. Walk around the lake, take pictures of the lake and make faces at cute little chubby babies.
6. Eat ice-cream on the way back to the car. Eat like a slob and drop some melted ice-cream on yourself. But you are smart because you have packed extra clothes if such an urgent need arises.
7. Find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Remember, the space you select should have lots of shade and not block your view of the fireworks.
8. Lay back, relax, make sandwiches, eat sandwiches, take a nap, drink apple snapple, have long conversations and when the clock strikes nine go "oooh, aaah, whoaaa and that was a big one!".

As you can see, our 4th of July was pretty much fun with a lot of humidity in the afternoon and little breeze in the evening. How was your long weekend?

P.S.> Couldn't get a proper outfit shot but you can click here for the pictures of the same outfit that I had worn a couple of months ago.


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