I was on a break these past few days
A  much deserved break I must say
I ran and I ran and I collected my thoughts
I completed some D.I.Y projects, I kid you not.

August is almost here I have preparations to make
Preparation means shopping, losing weight and baking a cake
Making plans and breaking promises, thats what I did
Watched Torchwood, Top Gear, Doctor Who and Karate Kid.

And now I must tell you what I wore
A black shirt, cargo shorts and vintage shoes galore
I skipped and I danced, while Kamikazi shot
I didn't mind the blisters because I enjoy posing a lot.

A pizza and cocktail later we started feeling a buzz
Conversation flowed smoothly and we had a lot to fuss
We drove back singing songs and talking about home
How life is just great, knock on wood Jerome.
{Shirt~FCUK/Shorts~GAP/Necklace~Thrifted/Shoes~Vintage from Dear Golden}

Disclaimer : I don't know anyone by the name of Jerome. The poem was the by-product of a cocktail buzz. Any resemblance to any person or situation real or otherwise/dead or alive is strictly due to the telepathic abilities passed down from generation to generation from my maternal side.

**As you can clearly see my hair is a big hot mess. This is how my hair looks when I have air-dried and not brutally subjected it to any thermal appliances.


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