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I suddenly realized this morning that I will be celebrating my second anniversary in August and I felt weird. Good weird. Butterflies in my stomach-nice weird. So I thought about all the changes that I have gone through since my wedding in August, 2008 (which doesn't seem a long time ago). I have grown, size wise and personality wise. I gained weight from a measly 55 kilos to an awesome 60. Which is an achievement. My mom will agree. I have calmed down, learnt how to cook, traveled extensively in the US, taken a well deserved time out, met new people and got in touch with things/people/books/music/telly series/movies etcetera that I had missed out on big time. It's funny how you feel so at home away from home. Don't get me wrong mum, I still miss you a lot and I can't wait to come visit you! Soon. I promise. Very soon. :)

I still remember the day I landed at the SFO airport. I was severely jet-lagged from a non-stop flight from Mumbai and the flu which was dormant till then had started to rear its ugly head. My immune system goes down at higher altitudes, you see. At least that is what the part of my brain which could have been trained to become a doctor tells me. I was never interested in academics. Was more into sports and extra-curricular activities all of my non-scholarly life. Sorry. I digress. So where was I? Yes. So we landed at SFO where I got introduced to the novel concept of renting cars and huge roads. We stopped at a little Chinese restaurant which served the best soup. The temporary relief that I so desperately needed. Kamikazi has a knack of picking the best restaurants. Its uncanny. Anyways we drove all the way to Sacramento and I stepped into a cute little apartment that was going to be our home for 6 months. We slept like babies. And I fell ill the next day. Good times.

I am loving every moment of my married life since that fateful day. Maybe next time I will talk about how I met Kamikazi.

And off I go now dancing to Playground Hustle by The Do.


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