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Right before we left for Vegas, we visited Kimball farm in MA, which has the most amazing ice-creams and the cutest babies. Hence the importance of posting this sign below.

This place has a sense of humor!

I wore this outfit to Kimball in the morning, then changed into an olive colored full sleeved cardigan and black studded kitten heels later in the evening for the flight. We invaded the mini golf course for some interesting back drops like fake mountains, fake rivers and fake waterfalls.

{Dress~Passport/Cardigan~Good Things/T-strap sandals~Dear Golden Vintage/Ring~F21}

I am sorry about the poor quality of this particular photo. The lighting was bad and Kamikazi's phone camera is 5 mega-pixel which takes amazing pictures in broad daylight only. F.Y.I, the olive cardigan is from American Eagle.

We are down to two ugly sticks of frozen margarita and relaxing in our room right now. Its so hot outside that we almost melted you guys! But thanks for the strategically placed sprinklers all around the strip we survived. We would have become icky puddles of goo if not for these life savers.

One more day of our vacation and we will be back home. Which is kind of sad. One trip is not enough. I know I will be coming back for more of Vegas!


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