{Tank~Old Navy/Cardigan vest~Questions by Say What?/Jeans~Jealous 21/Heels~Target/Dragonfly necklace~D.I.Y.}

10 things that are making me happy right now :
1.   Kamikazi's week long vacation.
2.   The fact that finally my jeans fit me perfectly after two years of it living in the back of my closet.
3.   Great new friends.
4.   Late night conversations.
5.   Sangrias.
6.   Accessory shopping. (Mind you, this doesn't happen much!)
7.   Getting drenched in the rains.
8.   Waking up late.
9.   Long drives.
10. The delicious smell of my curry leaf plant.

What makes you happy these days? Do tell!


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