The very first thing I noticed when we arrived at Las Vegas was the stifling heat and the sheer amount of foot traffic on the streets. I have become quite adept at dodging crowds swiftly and effortlessly. Like a ninja. Call me Dee Li. HAAI YAAH! 

As most of you already know, I am primarily from Mumbai, which is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Ironically, I dislike crowded places with a passion. I prefer peace, quite, solitude. You get the picture. I hope you do, because I have run out of synonyms. Once I looked past the crowd, heat and burning concrete, I became instantly addicted to this city. We looked down from Paris Paris’s Eiffel tower and watched the beautifully synchronized choreography of the Bellagio fountains, we looked up and marveled at the immense gorgeousness of the rustic and raw Grand Canyon while picnicking at the bank of the Colorado river and we appropriately ooh’d and aah’d at the designer quality interior of the Wynn, the grandeur of the Caesar Palace and the story of twins told through the art of dance, theatrics and unbelievable acrobats in KA by Cirque du Soleil.

We drank champagne in whisky glasses to toast our anniversary answerie (that’s how we happen to pronounce ‘anniversary’ when tipsy and totally ridiculous) and sang on top of our voices which conveniently frightened random people, which also resulted in more walk-able space. We were openly appreciated with a nod by fellow tipsy citizens of the world for owning a yard long pipe called an ‘Ugly Stick’ which held 32 oz. of frozen daiquiri, which was refilled numerous times through the course of the day. We felt like we belonged. Hic!

One of the main highlights of the trip was our Anniversary. Second anniversary at that! Phew! (Your thunderous applause at our feat is highly appreciated)

We didn’t take as many pictures as we liked, we were busy enjoying ourselves you see! Though not to disappoint you guys with only my silly essay writing skills I present to you some random pictures from our trip.

...A Kamikazi production...
Mandalay Bay


{American Eagle olive green cardigan/Old Navy asymmetrical hem tank/D.I.Y chain/Target saddle bag/Random brand skinnies/Payless black studded pixie toe flats/Liz Clairborne aviators}

Dolphin habitat at The Mirage

Banana Republic dress/F21 elephant pendant and ring/Vintage clutch/Max studio heels

Aerial view from the helicopter of the gorge

F21 striped tee/Ann Taylor khaki capri/Skechers for comfort/Identity London watch/Liz Clairborne aviators

Kamikazi and his dare devilry

Lone car on an endless road

Luxor again.


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