One of our favorite places we love to 'hang out' at is Northampton. They have the best restaurants, the most chicest of people with a very relaxed idyllic atmosphere. The street musicians are American Idol worthy, they have a new frozen yogurt place (Go Berry) that I absolutely love and the ice-cream at Herrell's is to die for. Every trip to Northampton is an eye-opener. The people, the fashion, the shopping experience, the music and the food are a constant inspiration. We have most of our dinner dates, when we are not travelling on weekends, at Northampton. And we try to eat at a new restaurant every time. This Saturday we went to a Thai restaurant which served the most amazing Chicken Pad Thai (Kamikazi vouched for it) and Hot Basil Fried rice. The ambiance was comfortable, the service was commendable and the food was delicious.

I am so thankful to this life that I am living right now. I always think about it but I don't express it enough. I have a great guy by my side who understands me more than anyone I know - an anchor when I need one, who remembers, never forgets the little things, who is passionate about supporting my passions and interests. I am living a life of a queen. A queen of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. I learn something new everyday. I am inspired to do something new everyday. I have started taking initiative about things and have also started thinking things through. Thats a big deal because I have been impulsive and reckless most of my life. From a juvenile who loves things that go boom to a married women of two years who still loves things that go boom, its more than just a huge change. Its a humongous change!

I end this post with pictures of what I wore to Northampton. The top is a little ill fitting, I am thinking of solving that problem by sewing in ribbons in the back that I can tie up. I have also taken a vow of Naked. No make-up or hair products other than my Kohl eye pencil and the standard shampoo/conditioner for a month. Saving electricity and my hair, thats the goal. One more week to go and I am done. And then back to poisoning myself. I deserve it, after all, in two weeks I will need all my products to look (fake!) great for my anniversary!

{Top~Old Navy/Random brand jeans/Shrug~Provogue/Espadrilles~Tommy Hilfiger/Steel belt worn as bracelet}


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