Come August and I am busy. Busy as a bee. Buzz buzz buzz. I have guest blogged, made new friends, been going on trips and treats every alternate day, have attended winning matches and long tournaments, exercised my butt off, danced, hosted a party and am definitely going on a vacation!! Where you ask? Vegas baby!!

Kamikazi broke the surprise to me about a week back. He had this vacation planned to coincide with our anniversary and its absolutely perfect. Late night dancing, booze, mind-blowing shows, anniversary dinner and the Grand Canyon. A week of fun fun fun! I have already packed my books, dresses and shoes. Did I mention that I own two new beauties, both in black and very very high. Did I also mention that I am talking about shoes? In other news, Kamikazi's team won the cricket tournament hosted by his company. They won a big shiny trophy. No cash prizes though. I would have liked that. I would have liked that very much.

I have been seeing posts by my favorite bloggers about what their purses look like inside out. These posts made me realize that I need to get a purse and put stuff in them. Instead I keep, what beautiful women generally keep in their purses, in my dresser drawer. When I have to step out of the house, I will randomly pick up one of my purses and stuff my wallet, keys, lip balm and mobile in it. Thats all you will see in my purse. Another point that proves I am less of a girl. I would have loved to own a guys wallet and stick it in the back pocket of my pants. So convenient!!

I am so sorry about the lack of posts these couple of weeks. And I am really sorry I haven't been able to take my outfit pictures too. I will make it up to you guys. Somehow. I promise. Oh yeah, also, I am learning how to swim! Now I can save myself whenever I fall off a cruise ship in the Bahamas. Kamikazi is the best coach ever. I could swim half the length of the pool in four days!! Its a lot of work though. My lung capacity sucks and I can't seem to synchronize my hand movements with my leg movements. I do not look graceful. But hey, I move!!

I was approached by the lovely Meryl to write an article for about summer trends that I absolutely adore. Its great to write about what you like to wear on an everyday basis the most and let people know about it. The satisfaction derived from it is incredible. And positive feedback from like-minded individuals is the icing on the strawberry cheesecake. To read my article 104 days of summer for click here.

Appreciative applause is welcome!


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