{Top-Worthington at JC Penny/R.I.G utility clothing chinos/Necklace-Gift(Dana Buchman at Kohl's)/Vintage clutch/Payless pixie toe studded flats}

I had no idea that I had created a great outfit when I packed these three pieces. The black top has been sitting/squatting in my closet for a long long time, fitting into those chinos was long overdue and I always carry an extra clutch whenever I visit Boston. I received an unexpected gift of the necklace and BAM! an outfit to wear to dinner was born. What do you know? It's a girl! I haven't named her yet. Maybe I will call her Moe.

P.S> A part of the shoe collection sits in Kamikazi's car boot. Get it? Shoe? Boot? Sigh. I have lost it.


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