Part Two

Saturday. 25th September. 
3 a.m. We wake up, brush our teeth, shower and change, carry our packed bags to the car, dump it in and drive to Adirondack Balloon Festival at Glen Falls, New York.
6 a.m. Parked the car, walked over the meadow and into the air field. Saw hundreds of people milling around and balloons were being filled with hot air.
7 a.m. Walking around the air field with hot chocolate and sandwiches in hand we taking tons of pictures. The balloons were beautiful and huge! Kites were flying in the wind dotting the beautiful blue skies looking like little insects and birds among the balloons.
8 a.m. Super disappointed. The weather gets really chilly and windy. The balloons cannot fly. The weather permitting event cannot happen because of the sucky weather. Killed our mood completely.
9 a.m. We drive into Vermont and eat breakfast at Denny's. Nothing but a 'make your own' omelette (three eggs, pico de gallo, mushrooms and avocados) and tomato juice, can thoroughly cheer a really grumpy person who loves to sleep and eat.

The time-line mentioned above are round figures. Not square. Just round. We drove through beautiful beautiful Vermont where the color of the leaves were changing slowly but surely and really cute hay sculptures were scattered along the scenic routes. We drove all the way to Boston to hang out with our favorite people, made new friends, sang songs (we didn't, singing does not run on our side of the family), cracked jokes, drank wine and ate lots of yummy delicious food. It was indeed the most perfect weekend. Not an hour lost. Every minute was an adventure.


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