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I was honored when Tanvi told me to guest post for her blog a while back. With honor comes immense pressure. You can not write anything stupid when you are guest posting for another person's blog. It becomes a matter of pride for both of us. But then, this is me we are talking about. Writing about my everyday experiences in a funny way with a nut-case twist is my forte. It has always been like that. So why do it differently this time. I am glad I did, because as soon as Tanvi read the manuscript (yes, the manuscript) she went bonkers. And I knew that I had got it right, yet again! By the power of Greyskull, I am such a dork!

Swing by her fabulous blog to read about how I got complimented in a public restroom at a rest stop. The post is filled with juicier details. No pun intended.

Read the post herehere, here and here. Just kidding. Click the word, word. WORD.

Or if that is too much misguided humor for you, click here to read my post at Tanvi's blog. No tricks this time I promise.


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