High on heels

{Top~Wal-mart/Jacket~Heritage 1981/Jeans~Calvin Klein/Heels~JS/Elizabeth and James Chevron ring among other random assortment of rings/Identity London watch~Gift from Kamikazi}

I have mixed feelings about this outfit. Good feelings. But mixed. Like jalapeƱos on pretzels. Yum. I would love more of those please. It's so much fun to wear a five buck Wal-mart tee with expensive high heels. Makes me feel cheap and special at the same time.

It's getting cooler around where I live, about 55 degrees F when I got these pictures taken. Very concerned random people stopped to ask Kamikazi why he was not wearing any jacket. What they do not know is that he has a mobile heater stuck somewhere in his Integumentary system. I am not making it up. It's a real word. So now you guys know that I have a heater that goes where I go and hugs me when I need to be thawed immediately. It's called the HEATBAND. Half heater, half husband. Other uses of the HEATBAND is, he holds your hand when you are walking in really high heels on grass to a run down mill to get some pictures taken for your blog and he also looks concerned whenever required. Rolling of the eyes once you turn your back to him is a technicality that you unfortunately cannot fix.

In other news, I have a week to fit into my favorite dress for my favorite five year old's birthday. So I have quit eating, breathing, gulping and drinking. The way I see it, anything that goes into my system will add pounds. So please join me in my wishful thinking. Donations are welcome.


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