{Dress-Old Navy/Grey top-Weekender/Shrug-Paris blues/Tights-DKNY/Studded pixie toe flats-Payless/Turquoise cuff bracelet-F21}

I love shrugs. I love shrugging and the act of someone shrugging back at me. If done with a certain flair it looks ΓΌber cool. A nonchalant movement of the shoulder and a genuine smile is all you need to look chic. And you will also need one of these black thingy's that I am wearing over my shoulders. I feel empowered, like Batman or maybe Catwoman. Meow.

I have created a Facebook page. They are all of a rage now, it seems. So I had one of my usual internal dialogues and made one for Diptea-esque-ish too. Now she feels like she belongs.

I am thinking of removing my Networked blog widget for good. So all you pretty boys and girls can move on over to like my Facebook page instead of following me on Networked blog. You guys have stuck with me through thick, thin and thick again and have been a total sweethearts through all my trail, tribulations, pizza binges and blog posts. Thank you so so much for being there. Your lovin' means a lot to me than my loving a gorgeous pair of YSL tribute pumps. And thats a lot of Love. <3

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