No matter where I am and no matter what I am doing or not doing, I make sure that I visit the blogs of these seven beautiful girls almost everyday. They inspire me in more ways than one and I have learnt so much from these lovely ladies, so this post is like a little thank you to them.

First up is Prutha of Don't Shoe Me, and the word to describe her is wild! And I love her for it! She has an eccentric style of fashion and this girl had got guts. To be frank I am tired of seeing girls look all pretty pretty and girly-girly (no offense). Very few Indian girls break the mold of the stereotypical 'pretty looking girly girl persona' and take up dressing like a diva. And this girl is one of them. She is a rock-star in the real sense of the word.

Second in line is Jane of the gorgeous Sea of Shoes blog. She is incredibly beautiful and creative and a huge inspiration. A huge credit goes to her, because her blog inspired me to start my own blog. Her beautiful, one of a kind collection of shoes and clothes is something I would love to own one day. And her photography is a constant inspiration. Her style is sophisticated, classy and out of this world. She is definitely the Kohinoor in the blogging world. I know. That was just too cliché of a compliment for an Indian. Ha ha!

Third is Ruhi of the famed Republic of Chic. And yes, she is immensely chic! This girl from Bangalore, India, has opened my eyes to what fashion is all about. She has opened my eyes to the technicalities of fashion. Fashion is not only about picking up clothes that you think is beautiful and putting them on (I admit, I used to do that a lot), its about the structure, the texture, the color and the cut. It's about the beautiful accessories and the architectural beauty of shoes. And all this I learnt from her lovely blog.

Fourth (this is my favorite number) is Sandra. Oh Sandra, I love you! I love your beautiful blond hair! Her style is borderline edgy. And her accessories are downright killer! Literally. Talons, knifes, bones et all. If I had it my way I would have made every single girl in this world dress up like Sandra.

Fifth is the most beautiful Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and infamous.  I feel so proud to have such a beautiful (both figuratively and literally) friend. Most of my friends are so gorgeous looking, that I feel inadequate in comparison. I will one day do a post on my extremely fashionable and gorgeous friends too. But that is for later. For now, lets talk about Tanvi. I got in touch with her when I had just started blogging. And we have remained friends since then. Mind you, we haven't met each other yet. I love our intense conversations and the fact that we both love our shoes sealed the deal. Her shoe collection is too die for and her hair is something that I envy the most! She is fitness crazy (like most of my gorgeous and hunky friends) and she inspires me to pick up healthy habits (just like my lovely sister-in-law Shilpa).

Sixth in this list is Karla of Karla's Closet. If I were a guy, I would have stolen her away from her boyfriend by now. Her dimples are so cute and she has the most beautiful smile! She is my girl crush. For real. She mixes up beautiful vintage pieces with designer pieces. The only reason I have a vintage collection is because of her love for it. That didn't come out right. It was not supposed to sound so creepy. I meant it in a good platonic way Karla. I swear!

Seventh in line is someone I got introduced to recently. Her name is Stephanie of Extra Skinny and man, she is beautiful. She reminds me of mannequins on the windows of designer store shops. Her boyfriend, Mustache Man, (Isn't the screen name wicked!) is such a talented photographer, it shows! She has an eclectic collection of pieces in her wardrobe which are to die for. Monochromatic basic pieces that she mixes and matches to create her own style which is insanely unconventional. Jodhpurs has never looked so good on anyone.

On a personal front, I have been in India for two months now. I will be coming back early February. Yes. You are right. That means, I am going to have more fun than you guys have ever imagined! Ha ha! I have been to two weddings, one reception, tens and twenties (yeah, that's right, I made that up right now) of get-togethers and met my parents, relatives and best friends after over two years! I shopped and shopped and shopped and I have got so many flats right now, I don't have space to keep them. I had to carry them in a separate bag! True story. I would love to write more. But I need to keep those stories to myself. Writing material for the next post you see. I need to find a good excuse to convince you guys that I haven't quit blogging. Yet. So lovers, see you with a new post with lot of masala and papad! Muah!

Even if I haven't been blogging, I have been updating my Facebook page consistently. So to view pictures, videos and read more about my India trip head on over to my Facebook page lovers!


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