Happy Days

I am very happy right now and so I decided to write a blog post. Which is actually a very good combination. Or so it may seem. Now you may wonder why this crazy girl is happy. Well, that is a very good question, says I. I am happy because Kamikazi is landing in India tomorrow. Yes, that's right. Finally. He is going to be here for his three week long vacation. You guys will no longer hear my never ending bickering of not having my husband with me and how terribly I am missing him, blah blah blah and finally, finally you guys will get to see some good photography on this blog once more.  The thing that actually brings readers to this blog are the photographs after all.

Many of my lovely readers have asked me,  "Why the hell don't you upload more pictures of Kamikazi?", I obliged. As he is coming tomorrow and because I am very very happy, this post is dedicated to him. And as most of you know that I am, well, you know, narcissistic, I am going to be in the pictures as well. I know you guys don't like looking at me much, but I like looking at myself, and well, this is my blog. So that being said, I would like to share some of my favorite pictures of us, crazy people in love, (to which Kamikazi exclaimed, "Says who?"), that we or our friends have taken over the period of our very entertaining married life.

On a very belated note HAPPY NEW YEAR lovers! :)

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