Diptea's Psychedelic Superstar - 3

Mel is a sweetheart. She has the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen and she has the best tattoos! She is open and honest, girly and tough and an absolute darling! She is a girl after my own heart. In a good way. Not, you know, in a weird way at all. Plus she loves Dosas! That sealed the deal. I had been meaning to ask her to take part in my Psychedelic Superstar series for a long long time, but didn't come around to do it until recently. I am so glad that she agreed to answer some of the questions that I had for her. So, without much ado lets get to the good ol' Q&A.

Diptea - What motivated you to start your lovely blog?
Mel - I joined Chictopia and then soon afterwards found all these amazing blogs. I wanted to be a part of this community where girls support each other and love dressing up.

Diptea - What is your style inspiration?
Mel - I love old hollywood fashion and pin-up era photographs. Anytime when ladies put some effort in getting dressed up and presentable. I love putting on lipstick and dresses just for a lunch date or shopping.

Diptea - Say you won a gift card and you can buy any one item, irrespective of the budget, what would it be?
Mel - Right now I'd really need to buy a new laptop. Would that be in the budget?

Diptea - What are you digging, shoes wise, right now?
Mel - I cannot wait to wear my sandals!!! I'm not loving any of my boots right now and am longing for the warm days where my Worishofers come out of hiding (my red and beige granny sandals)

Diptea - Tell us about your tattoos?
Mel - My tattoo's are all very girly. I have some lilies on my left arm, a tea party theme on my right arm and a geisha on my back. They're all somewhat representative of who I am. I like choosing very feminine pictures and bright colors for my tattoo's.

Diptea - Your favorite cuisine?
Mel - Like you even have to ask: Indian Food! Oh yum, I love Masala Dosa's, a south Indian staple. It's a huge crepe made out of lentils, then wrapped around some curried potatoes, with a dhal sauce to dip into. I could eat it everyday.

Diptea - Three of your favorite blogger this winter season?
Mel - Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage, James of Bleubird Vintage and Mandi of Here's Looking at me kid.

Diptea - The first thing you thought of when you opened your closet this morning?
Mel - Since I stayed over at my boyfriend's house I already had my outfit all planned out. I wore a pink dress since we were going out for our very late Valentine's Day brunch. We've both been very busy lately but better late than never!

Diptea - Your make-up must have?
Mel - Coral blush, black eyeliner, black mascara. All the rest is optional.

Diptea - Five things you cannot live without?
Mel - food {vegan}, wine {red}, dresses {vintage}, camera {Nikon}, friends {girls}

Diptea - Your favorite kind of pizza?
Mel - I love the vegan pizza that Amy's makes. It's roasted red peper with shitake mushrooms. Delicious!

Diptea - Last but not the least, tips for fellow bloggers?
Mel - Make sure that your content is unique and that you stay true to yourself.

Head on over to her beautiful blog, Idée Géniale! I am sure you will love it as much as I do!


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