Laid back and dressed down

No makeup, no girlishness and no hair products. Just the way I like it on my off days. Wore this to one of the cooler days in Wayanad. And yes, that is Kamikazi's sweatshirt. It's gotten smaller for him, so I borrowed it! So comfy. Wearing a GAP sweatshirt, Talbot jeans, Guess belt and my sandals says Walky on it. Bought the sandals from India. The tote is from Boy meets Girl.

We have been busy since we landed here. So haven't come around to taking any outfit shots. Plus we have been cleaning our wardrobe out, there are just too many clothes that we don't wear! So now I have tons of shoes, a lot of Indian traditional outfits but casual western pieces are few and far between. I have only one 'working' sweater, you guys! I am glad that I have finally cleaned my closet out. Also I am super glad that its getting warmer now.

A random want - I am so wanting a slouchy beanie right now. Urban Outfitters, here I come!


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