I love a good patiala salwar. Patiala salwar are these loose trousers worn under a tunic, which basically originated in a place called Patiala in Punjab, India. They are airy. And which girl doesn't like an airy trouser in hot weather. Well, I do! I love my airy patiala trousers.

Because of my bone structure (rather large at the shoulders), I don't get a good fit in traditional Indian wear. For example a readymade tunic do not fit me well at all. They are either loose at the top or in the middle or at the bottom. You know what I mean. They are ill fitting in general. So I always buy dress material and get them stitched by my favorite tailor. This time around when I went to Mumbai I couldn't get in time to my tailor. So I had to settle for readymade clothes. And I found the perfect place. The brand is called 'Nice Looks' and they have the best salwar kameez separates. The colors, texture and prints are beautiful and unique. Plus they are reasonably priced too. I did find the best tailor around where my in-laws stay. Which was a big surprise. I am going to get all my dresses stitched by him from now onwards. That is decided. And I do have 'Nice Looks' as a back up plan. So any of you guys around Mumbai looking for a good reasonably priced traditional Indian clothes, do look up 'Nice Looks'.

This set of separates is from Nice Looks. The jewelery is in green amber which I bought from the Big E expo.  The shoes are from Catwalk, Thane. And the bag is from Westside.


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