Saree Soiree

Hello, hello, hello lovelies. How have you been? I have finally reached home. Amid a snow storm. I had been away for three months now, and my home seems a little different to me. Everything looks big to me right now. Maybe its the jet lag speaking. Yawn. No, no. Stay awake. Where's the pair of toothpick I always keep handy?

It feels weird, given the fact that I was wearing light, airy cotton outfits throughout my India trip whereas I am so buried under layers of clothes right now. Nice toasty warm weird, mind you. Coming back to outfit posts, these are the only pictures of me in a sari from my trip. Between the three weddings that I had attended I had worn about six sarees. These statistics show, that we were definitely on a blogging break. Thank you so much dears for staying put with me through my blogging break and not deserting me. It means a lot to me.

I wore this sari to Kamikazi's cousin's wedding. I love the dual color of red at the pleats and rust on the pallu (the loose end over the shoulder). I am not a fan of paisley, but I like how the paisley embroidery are few and far between. This sari was the only unique piece left at the showroom (Hastkala) from where I always buy my sarees. And when I draped it, all the ladies who were shopping there insisted that I buy it, and I did! I love the dark green polka dots on the border of the sari. The necklace and earrings are a gift from Kamikazi's parents. They are Swarovski crystals set in real gold. They go perfectly with the saree, don't you think? All the bangles are my own, except for the red ones. They were given to me by Kamikazi's mom. The clutch is vintage and the heels are Max Studio stilettos.

I am still sorting through all the pictures for more posts. So see you all in a few. Take care dearies. And stay warm!


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