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{F21 top/Target cork wedges and saddle bag/Talbots cardigan/Accessories from expo and F21}

You guys must be thinking about why my last post was titled 'Dead End'. I named it that because I was not feeling particularly creative, I didn't have much to say and the pictures are taken at our favorite dead end street near where we live. It's quite. Not many cars/people/gawkers come around that place and it's the most beautiful dead end street in the history of mankind in America. No kidding. You have to see it to believe it. But then you are seeing it as the back-drop in the above pictures too.

My last post also was my first post after a long hiatus. A hiatus of about just over two month. I had a lot of things going on these past couple of months which revolved around a death and a birth, in that order. We lost a loved one (in February) and gained a dude of a nephew (whom we are going to meet this coming weekend). After our friend passed away, I decided to take a break and re-group, gain some perspective, set my priorities straight and well, also do some grieving in  my own way. I have really great friends who helped me get past my super-emotional phase. I started using philosophy as a defense mechanism. I kept reminding myself that it was tough on me but it has been tougher on others. This tragedy did bring a lot of us closer to each other. I gained new friends and learnt that life is not to be taken for granted. I have a tendency to over-react. And I did that. A lot. I gave Kamikazi a tough time with my 'emotional upheaval of sorts'. I love him so much for doing what he does best, i.e. supporting me and comforting me when I needed it most.

Thanks to all you guys who have stayed with me even when I was not blogging this past couple of months. Your support means a lot to me. It truly does. The people who stick around through the tough times are the people who we are going to stick around with for life. We are crabs like that. We get our pincers stuck on them for life. Okay. I know. Bad analogy. But then today is one of those bad analogy days for me. Sorry for all the boo-boos and owies. And thanks again for staying with us. Till death to us apart? Or is it too soon to tell?


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