The madness that was. Now in Technicolor!

{American Eagle cardigan/Heritage 1981 jacket/Talbot jeans/Guess belt/Tommy Hilfiger boots/Old Navy scarf/Boy meets girl tote/Identity London watch}

We had a blast this weekend. The weather was just right. Not perfect. But just right. Sunny but windy. Just like my outfit. All military seriousness with a pop of yellow.

My Easter weekend was also filled with lots of food. As I have discussed earlier on the blog, my husband makes a mean sandwich. And the presentation is always out of this world. Halfway through eating the sandwich I realized that I should have taken pictures. This has happened to me thrice this weekend. A lunch sandwich (Paneer, tomatoes and hot wing sauce on some sort of gourmet bread), a dinner sandwich on the next day (supreme veggie) and an amazing brunch on Saturday. All cooked by Kamikazi. He also made an awesome dish of scrambled eggs with a spicy twist (sprinkled with Gouda cheese) on Sunday morning at our cousin's place, while our cousin dished out warm decadent banana pancakes. The only trouble is, I do not have photographic proof. You guys only have my word for it. Maybe next time I will be camera ready when Kamikazi is cooking. No promises. But I assure you all three of us went into a food coma on Sunday. Ah! Sigh! Slurp! and Ah! again.

Also we saw our five day old NEPHEW! He is so so so CUTE! I mean, most babies look like aliens to me. Don't get me wrong. All babies are cute. But they DO NOT look human. Not in the beginning at least. They get cuter as they grow bigger. But this little guy (I am not saying this because he is our nephew, this review is totally objective) is super cute. He has huge cheeks, tiny eyes, a button of a nose and the sweetest yawn. All I wanted to do was gobble him up. But then he farted. A lot. So I decided against gobbling him. It's amazing to see the change in our cousin's priorities right now. The high point of their day is the little guy pooping. They wait for him to poop with bated breath, literally.

How was your long weekend?

P.S> We have two sets of cousins in Boston. Both of them cousin sisters. Both are related to Kamikazi. Both of them extremely pretty. Both of them brilliant in their own way. One makes amazing food and is a doctor. Another has a new-born and kicks ass with her sense of humor, among other things.


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