West Hartford has really good restaurants to choose from. We decided that we should give every restaurant in the block a shot. Since they all look so impressive. So with fake foodie pride and a panache to hold a fork and knife with a certain grace we headed to our first find. An Afghan place. The ambiance was great, the music was subtle and the food was amazing. A warning though: If you guys are expecting a spicy, flavorful assault on your senses (like the ones you get in an Indian joint) you are not going to get it. Spicy - no, flavorful - absolutely freaking yes.

The restaurant is very tastefully decorated. All three floors of it.

I have had better tasting sangria (in Tapas restaurants of course!). Nonetheless, this one was pretty good too. Not exceptional. But good. Very strong good.

The bread is immensely tasty and swallow-able. Most times bread tends to hurt the roof of my mouth. But this one didn't! So I give these tasty breads '1' point for deliciousness.

That is Kamikazi's 'Chicken Shish Kebab plate'. The rice is a melange of aromatic spices and the side is potato sabzi. 'Very good', said the man after his first fork-full.

My modest vegetarian plate has spinach rice, pumpkin puree, mushroom sabzi and eggplant sabzi. The pumpkin puree was just divine! Like divine divine! The mushroom was very melt in the mouth kind of good, but I was not that happy with the eggplant. Maybe it was because of the yogurt drizzled on top. But overall I give my side of the morsel an A!

All in all a very good food experience.


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